VOIP Engineer

✅ A day-to-day schedule would consist of answering client calls, responding to emails to help resolve client issues, either with the internet, phone service, changes to their phone system as well as configuring PBX for new clients, porting in phone numbers and following up on previous support tickets to ensure all issues are resolved.
✅ Candidates must be able to follow SOP, create support tickets, follow through if the issue is not resolved right away, and ask for help if there is a roadblock until the client issue is resolved. Client satisfaction is above all else.
✅ Must be able to methodically troubleshoot and have a standard on how and what to do instead of randomly guessing what to do next.

Tools of Trade:
✅ VoIP soft switch understanding (Asterisk/Freepbx/FreeSwitch or others)
✅ Understanding of tools such as AnyDesk, Google Docs, Online Search, Windows OS shortcuts, proper email etiquette
✅ Experience with IP phone configuration & setup as well astroubleshooting
✅ Intermediate to advanced understanding of networking andtroubleshooting

Skills Required:
✅ EXTREMELY well organized & punctual
✅ Must be a self-starter, out of the box thinker, & problem solver
✅ Be able to work under pressure, keep organized and look forsolutions
✅ Seek out solutions when they hit a roadblock instead of dropping the taskand forgetting it
✅ Answer support/general calls & emails from end users and resolve their issue
✅ Provision new phone systems, phones, port numbers
✅ Manage remote installation of internet & voip service with on-site technicians

Technical Role Requirements:
✅ Diagnosing and rectifying SIP and PBX related voice faults
✅ Managing customer and reseller faults and service requests through our ticketing system
✅ Escalating faults to upstream carriers
✅ Providing accurate and timely advice and issues resolution for our customers
✅ Assisting customers with adds moves and changes
✅ Documenting processes and systems for the benefit of other team members
✅ Assisting clients and partners when deploying new voice solutions
✅ Mentoring and coaching team members to improve the customer experience

Tools of trade that we look for
✅ VoIP soft switch understanding (Asterisk/Freepbx/Kamailio/FreeSwitch)
✅ Basic software such as AnyDesk, Office, Online Search, Windows shortcuts, email
✅ Experience with IP phone configuration & setup
✅ Intermediate to advanced understanding of networking and troubleshooting

Tools that would be plus if you have experience
✅ Wireshark or VoIP Monitor for VoIP troubleshooting
✅ GCP, AWS server management
✅ Experience with Kazoo

General Skills
✅ Be able to speak & write English fluently with little or no accent
✅ Must have high speed internet with at least 10m symmetrical connection with a preferred backup in case of outage if working from home
✅ Access to a working computer and a quiet place to work, noise cancelling headsets

✅ 3+ years of experience with any soft switch (Asterisk, Freepbx, FreeSwitch)
✅ 3+ years of experience with networking
✅ Knowledge of IP phones & provisioning such as Grandstream, Polycom, Yealink
✅ Technical knowledge about networking, VoIP, how it works, capabilities, limitations, call quality testing using wireshark
✅ Must be organized and ability to document how-to and common troubleshooting steps

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