Network Support Engineer


✅ Answering support calls, responding to emails from clients to help resolve client issues related to the Internet, LAN
✅ Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of network systems using Cradle point, Ubiquiti, wireless access points, and Meraki switches.
✅ Identify network issues that impact VOIP, SIP and RTP communications.
✅ Resolve firewall configuration and NAT traversal issues.
✅ Configuring VLANs, QoS, and VPN setups.
✅ Work with VOIP Support team, ISPs, and other vendors to resolve network related problems.
✅ Proactively monitor network performance, analyze network traffic, and identify and address issues Manage remote installation of internet & VoIP service with on-site
✅ Develop and maintain support documentation for network problems and solutions.
✅ Install/maintain/upgrade software for IP cameras.
✅ Must be able to follow SOP, create support tickets, follow through if the issue is not resolved right away, and ask for help if there is a roadblock until the client issue is resolved.
✅ Client satisfaction is above all else.
✅ Must be able to methodically troubleshoot and have a standard on how and what to do instead of randomly guessing what to do next.
✅ Mentoring and coaching team members to improve the customer experience.
✅ Keep updating with latest tools and technologies and industry best practices.

✅ At least 3 years of experience as network support specialist/engineer
✅ Managed services support experience
✅ Strong understanding and experience of Layer 2 switching, modem bridging, NAT, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, Wi-Fi network
✅ Understanding of networking protocols, VLANs, QoS, and VPN.
✅ Experience with diagnostics tools such as ping, traceroute, mtr, network scanning, telnet, port scanning etc. is must.
✅ Ability to follow methodical troubleshooting procedures and perform diagnostics.
✅ In-depth knowledge of Cradle point, Ubiquiti, and Meraki networking technologies.
✅ Proficiency in network design and implementation.
✅ Strong analytical skills for diagnosing and improving network performance.
✅ Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with support teams, external partners, and clients. Excellent communication and customer service skills

General Skills
✅ Be able to speak & write English fluently with little or no accent.
✅ Must have high speed internet with at least 10m symmetrical connection with a preferred backup in case of outage if working from home.
✅ Access to a working computer and a quiet place to work, noise cancelling headsets.

Tools that would be plus if you have experience.
✅ GCP, AWS server management
✅ Experience with Linux

Competencies/Personality Traits
✅ EXTREMELY well organized & punctual
✅ Must be a self-starter, out of the box thinker, problem solver.
✅ Be able to work under pressure, keep organized and look for solutions.
✅ Seek out solutions when they hit a roadblock instead of dropping the task and forgetting it.

Performance Measurement
✅ Based on ticket counts resolved
✅ Based on time spent per ticket
✅ Responsiveness to daily tasks
✅ Proactive & positive attitude
✅ Attendance & punctuality

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