Customer Success Associate

Presales: Work directly with our sales team to gather information about potential and existing clients to find out available options for serviceability while documenting all notes under projects/leads/client info within our business management platform, Utiliko.
Installation: Serve as the liaison among internal teams (Sales, installation, support, accounting) and clients to ensure that the projects are moving along successfully. This requires attending onboarding meetings to get knowledge transfer, relaying that information for parts to be ordered and the installation and support team to ensure proper numbers are ported, correct services are getting installed, keeping the client abreast of all upcoming installation dates and upon completion, coordinate with the accounting team to start billing for our new services. Lastly, ensure previous services of clients are canceled and everything is fully documented.
Post Installation: Follow the customer’s journey within the first 90 days to ensure an amazing customer experience.

Skills Required:
✅ EXTREMELY well organized & punctual
✅ Multitasking abilities are a must
✅ Must be a self-starter, out-of-the-box thinker, problem solver
✅ Be able to work under pressure, keep organized, and look for solutions
✅ Seek out solutions when they hit a roadblock instead of dropping the task and forgetting it
✅ Be professional and well-mannered

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