Customer Service Representative

– Audit completed tickets for accuracy.
– Assign and watch over the Coding Inbox
▪ Including invoices submitted by Processing for Meter Changes, Deposit IDs, New Accounts, and Client Approvals.
– Complete Coding Tickets including Processing Depts. Invoices
– Manage the Coding Dashboard
▪ Manage Austen’s larger Service Imports/Coding Requests – on monthly average 20-25 large accounts.
– (Backup) Log the New Cost Centers for John’s monthly billing.
– Manage and Update the Coding Handbook as needed.

Support Desk
– Audit completed tickets for accuracy.
– Complete assigned Support Desk tickets
▪ FYI – Any type of request not covered in one of the below. These are often special reports, disputes, informational requests.
▪ Add – This request is to start/open NEW services in the Client’s name. Emergency payments/New Account Deposit payments
▪ Disconnect – This request is to stop/close existing services that are in the Client’s name. Often used when they are relocating or shutting down a location.
▪ Change – This type of request is being utilized for TOLs (Transfer of Liabilities) – taking over existing service accounts into the current business name. These are often completed as part of an acquisition. Where the client wants their current business name to be the liable party on an acquired company’s account.
▪ Problem – Currently this is only being used to track LifeCare Wireless Calls/Upgrades.
– Assign and watch over the Support Desk Inbox and New EL Tickets. Forward on emails for other departments or collaborate on responses.
– Monitor the Open MAC Report that gets sent out to keep tickets from falling behind.
– Ensure all tickets are assigned
– Address escalations on MACs from team members.
– Address non-billable communication to the client(s) for Processing Dept. invoices. à client approval, vendor past dues, disconnect notices, etc.
– (Backup- Subject to change with new clients/ reports) Send out the monthly Support Desk Reports and billing them out.

✅ Respond to service and repair requests for add/moves/changes/disconnects by preparing and completing telecom/utilities work orders.
✅ Responsible for the life-cycle of all telecom/utility orders by acting as a liaison between customers and various vendors.
✅ Create and manipulate reports in Excel to provide clients with expected information.
✅ Coordinate with clients and vendors to schedule installations, moves, additions and disconnections
✅ Troubleshooting issues with wireless devices utilizing phone and or email.
✅ Place product orders on behalf of clients with appropriate vendors.
✅ Check emails on an hourly basis to efficiently organize and place orders.
✅ Other duties as assigned


✅ Must have advanced knowledge in Excel (Formulas, v-lookup, pivot tables, etc)
✅ Ability to communicate effectively with clients and vendors.
✅ Organizational and time management skills a must.
✅ Ability to prioritize deadlines and openly initiate communications with management team if deadlines appear to be at risk.
✅ Positive attitude, collaborative team player, who cares about the success of their fellow team mates.

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