CRM Assistant

Existing CRM entries (2,500+ business profiles, 2,600+ WM firm profiles
✅ Work with the SPD – Assistant to maintain the contacts we have in the CRM for both the SPD entries and the WM entries (confirm relevant ones, remove non-relevant ones)
✅ Maintain and develop each WM firm entry, meaning their business profile within the CRM as well as the number and range (meaning work area) of contacts for each.
✅ Filling in gaps in each entry where they exist and ensure consistency across entries.
✅ Highlighting where businesses or solutions are no longer in business/relevant.
✅ Collect new contacts through LinkedIn, each firm’s website, Google search, event pages, publishing resources, and more.
✅ Work with us to establish a methodology (resources, timelines, categorization) to support maintaining and further developing the CRM

Adding new WM CRM entries (business profiles and individual contacts)
✅ Work with the SPD – Assistant to add new contacts to the SPD CRM.
✅ Add more entries to the WM CRM. This element is both in general and in relation to specific TWM reports and projects where we need to grow the WM CRM and/or update it (this might include country focused additions like for Switzerland, UK, US, etc.).
✅ Add new entries based on suggestions from the team, as well as working with the team to develop the resources (web search, publications, LinkedIn, events, etc.) to find and add ✅ both new WM businesses to the CRM as well as contacts for each entry.
✅ Find and collect relevant information for each WM business profile, likely via the firm’s website and other sources such as LinkedIn and web search.
✅ Connect with each SPD and WM CRM contact via LinkedIn.

Recruiting for projects
✅ Identifying existing contacts within the CRM and extracting them for email invites.
✅ Finding and adding new contacts to the CRM

SPD reporting
Provide reporting on the status of the WM CRM, including elements such as:
✅ How many WM firms are in the SPD.
✅ How many were added in the month.
✅ Which new firms were added in the month?
✅ How many were removed in the month and why (for each)
✅ Which firms were removed?
✅ How many firms by HQ country
✅ How many firms by WTLRs

Support reports, research, and other projects
✅ Use the WM CRM to support our reports, research, and other projects by identifying relevant firms within the WM CRM for each specific effort. This means that each entry into the CRM is correctly tagged and can therefore be extracted for a specific need.

✅ Has experience with various kinds of CRM tools.
✅ Has a proactive and self-starting personality.
✅ Has an interest in marketing, social media, and project management.
✅ Has lead generation experience, as this will be part of the ad hoc task.
✅ Who is enthusiastic to learn and eager to dive in and take on the role.
✅ Has excellent communication skills.

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