Company Nurse / Safety Officer

✅ Provides immediate or first aid medical assistance to affected employees as needed or in the absence of a physician to maintain the health and safety of employees in the workplace.
✅ Assist injured or sick employees to the nearest HMO-accredited hospital if needed.
✅ Coordinate with the HMO on the services the Company and its employees availed.
✅ Coordinate with the company’s health care provider to set up all employees’ annual medical and physical examinations.
✅ Assessment of ergonomics and all work and non-work-related injuries.
✅ Interpret and evaluate diagnostic tests based on the certification of medical certificates.
✅ Verify the presented medical certificate of employee to the Hospital or clinics.
✅ Give necessary advice to employees related to their health and work lifestyle.
✅ Maintains and updates individual health records (injury, illness etc.) based on daily transactions with the employees while keeping information confidential.
✅ Administer over-the-counter medication to employees.
✅ Submit a report to DOLE for Workplace Accidents/Illness Report (WAIR).
✅ Disseminates related health advisories to educate employees on the risks and treatment.
✅ Conduct health programs to promote awareness and illness prevention.
✅ Organizing and leading the Safety Committee.
✅ Conduct Yearly Fire and Earthquake Drill.
✅ Responsible in Fire Safety Maintenance Report
✅ Responsible for the inspection, maintenance and testing of all portable fire extinguishers in the workplace.
✅ Secure and ensure that sick employees submit a “fit to work” certificate upon returning to work.
✅ Ensure the authenticity of the employee’s submitted medical certificate.
✅ Conduct inventory of medicines and other health supplies every month.
✅ Provide discussions or training related to occupational safety and health.
✅ Develop and implement health and safety programs and policies.
✅ Maintains a safe working environment by inspecting the company for possible health hazards
✅ Attend seminar workshops related to responsibilities to keep-up-to-date information
✅ Other tasks assigned by the Senior Management from time to time

✅ Must be a Registered Nurse with PRC ID and BOSH 2 Certificate
✅ At least two years of working experience in the related field
✅ BPO experience is an advantage
✅ Knowledge in providing first aid
✅ Great communication skills and patient handling

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