Data Analyst

✅ Handle property claims, limited in scope, based on claims guidelines.
✅ Research, create, and maintain all reimbursement related information and data to ensure regulatory compliance.
✅ Answer client/patient questions to ensure understanding and client/patient satisfaction, or refers them to more senior level staff.
✅ Analyze and process claims in accordance with plan provisions.
✅ Develop and maintain strong business relationships with internal and external customers.
✅ Maintain compliance with claim routing and inventory control procedures.
✅ Oversee advanced claim inquiries and assist claims staff with responding appropriately as needed.
✅ Document, track and resolve all plan providers’ claims projects.
✅ Assist in the maintenance of the guidelines for the processing of specialty IPL claims.

✅ Bachelor’s Degree in business, accounting, or computer science.
✅ Requires careful attention to detail.
✅ Strong organizational/time management/data management skills.
✅ Advanced understanding on regulations and commitment to protecting patient/client privacy.
✅ Able to multitask and prioritize.

Key Competencies:
✅ Problem-solving
✅ Analytical skills
✅ Excellent communication
✅ Data analysis
✅ Data interpretation

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